Mt Shasta to the Coast

#mtshasta #aircam

“Does it run on gas or do you have to pedal?”

Everyone has something to say about the Aircam when you arrive at an airport. People just can’t help themselves. “Have you seen that goofy plane out on the ramp?”, “Did you fly here in that?” and “Is it solar powered?” have all been asked. The general response though, especially from other pilots, is joyful curiosity. The bright yellow and red Aircam screams fun. What keeps pilots talking, and talking,  is it’s technical ability. With 2x 100hp Rotax engines and a large wing area, Three-Two-Five-One-Echo (the plane’s call sign), climbs fast and can fly surprisingly high. Comfortable at 14,000 feet, over the summit of Mt Shasta high, which, by the way, is pretty cold.

On our way to the coast, not far from the town of Weed, California, we came across a lot of what appeared to be glass houses built on small clearings in otherwise dense forest. We have a hunch what they may be but are curious to know for sure. What ever they are, they’re very easy to spot from the air.

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