The North American Monsoon.

Our plan was simple: explore Utah’s canyons from the air. The monsoon had other ideas.

Okay, I’ll admit, I had no idea there was a North American Monsoon. Its very existence was hotly debated through much of the 1970’s, but meteorologists now accept that the southwest of the U.S. is annually affected by a legitimate monsoon. A shift in summer wind patterns under intense solar heating draws low level moisture from the Gulf of California and upper level moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. The result, deluges in the desert, flash flooding and one grounded AirCam.

Sticking to a schedule, Bob and Cathy headed due east towards Oklahoma, avoiding the storms and marking the end of the”West from Above.”

Thanks for following along. Thanks also to Bob, Cathy and Melinda for an eye-opening exploration of the west.


  • Sara Culver says:

    Thanks, I also didn’t know about the southwest monsoon but I know Scottsdale had what could be called a monsoon. Glad to have it named.

  • josh says:

    It’s nice that we both learned something Sara. While the torrential rain in August was part of the Nth American Monsoon, it seems it was quite a bit wetter than normal. It was incredible to see how fast the arroyos flood and then dry again.

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