Kids in nature.

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There’s magic in viewing the world from a kid’s perspective.

This is especially true when they have easy access to the outdoors. Close personal connections to nature is one of the things that makes New Zealand great. Long may it last.

P.S. Thanks you two.
Uncle Josh.

Digital Nomad: National Geographic’s 125th Anniversary Expedition

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This year marks the 125th celebration of the founding of the National Geographic society.

Follow Andrew Evans, a.k.a. the Digital Nomad as he travels to 12 countries in 24 days, visiting National Geographic Explorers-in-Resisdence in the locations they find so inspiring.

Don’t have the time to watch the full edit? You can catch the shorts here.

Alaska bound.

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Alaska, and specifically Glacier Bay National Park are special places to me for many reasons, and I was flattered when Zach West Brown asked me to film the opening of the Inian Islands Institute, an environmental education centre being created at the mouth of Glacier Bay National Park. Founded by a group of Stanford university Ph.D. students, the institute aims to educate students with the following vision:

• Students will come up to the Hobbit Hole for month-long field courses.

• Via intensive coursework and field exploration, they will be immersed in the rich, local ecology.

• At the same time, students will get their hands dirty harvesting local resources: rainwater, firewood, garden vegetables and salmon.

• Through these unique experiences, students will forge an environmental ethic, embrace sustainability by living it first-hand, and redefine ecology as one who is part of its complex web. Our mission is that students will carry these lessons back to the urban and intellectual centers they call home, keeping them as guiding principles in lives marked by wise environmental leadership 

Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and on Saturday I fly to Sitka to join the group.

Check back for updates,


South Eastern Alaska

Digital Nomad: The Alberta Story

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Nearly a year ago, my friend Andrew Evans phoned to discuss taking Digital Nomad, his popular travel blog, and making it into a series of “webisodes.” He described his vision of a “live” travel show and I responded by highlighting the challenges of making film on the road.

Ten months went by and little happened, then, in typical Andrew fashion, he phoned to ask if I could be in Alberta in a few weeks. This is the result of our “pilot” attempt.

If you don’t have 30 minutes to watch through the entire film, many of the sequences were uploaded as two-minute “video postcards.” You can see them here:

Let me know what you think.

– J